If you have visited Park Road Stadium then you will know that a whole host of old photographs and memorabilia adorns the clubhouse walls. We are in the process of digitising our archive so that we can share them with you on here.

The collection is divided into sections. You can click on any of the photos and then scroll through the gallery. Make sure your mouse is hovering over the photo to read the description.

Park Road has changed a lot from when we first moved in back in 1982, and will no doubt change a lot again in the near future. What did it used to look like? When did it first have floodlights installed? Which other clubs have used it for training?

The club is famed in non-league circles for the tours it used to go on from the 1960s-1980s. Where did they visit? Who did they meet?

We always take a squad photograph at the start of each season as a matter of course now, but it wasn't always part of the routine....

The rise of the internet and with it social media et al means that we aren't solely reliant on the local newspapers nowadays for publicity. In the past we have been well-served by the (sadly no longer with us) Cheadle Messenger, Stockport Express and occasionally the Manchester Evening News....