The red pin denotes the location of Park Road Stadium. We are located about 5-10 minutes walk away from the centre of Cheadle Village. 

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If you are travelling clockwise on the M60...

Leave the motorway at junction 3 (signposted A34 Congleton) and follow the slip road. You will come to a set of lights at the end of the slip road (just before you get onto the A34) and then onto another set again at a main crossroads. Turn left.

Follow this road (the A560) and go straight ahead at a set of lights where The White Hart pub and St Mary's Church is on the left. At the next set of lights at the end of Cheadle village - where the George & Dragon pub is on the right - bear right and follow the road.

You will pass a BP petrol station on the left. You will need to turn right immediately after the small park on your right. This is Park Road. The ground is at the bottom of the road.

If you are travelling anti-clockwise on the M60...

Leave the motorway at junction 2 (signposted A560 Cheadle) and follow the slip road to the end - a roundabout - where you will need to turn right. Get in the right-hand lane as you approach the traffic lights and go straight on. Turn left immediately after the row of shops. This is Park Road. The ground is at the bottom of the road.


There is limited parking on Park Road itself and visitors are kindly asked not to park on the same side of the street as the houses. Please park on the opposite side of the road. Your best bet is to drive down to the cemetery gates, turn around there and then head back up Park Road and find a space on the left-hand side so that you are "pointing the right way" for when you need to leave after the match.

If parking is unavailable on Park Road then you can try one of the side streets off Councillor Lane or Stockport Road (the A560) and take the short walk to the ground.

For evening kick-offs all visitors to Cheadle Town FC are kindly asked to respect our neighbours that live on Park Road and return to their vehicles quietly after the game.


Unfortunately the railway station in Cheadle village was a victim of Dr Beeching's cuts in the 1960s so the nearest train station to Park Road Stadium is Gatley on the Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Airport line. Please note, however, that the station is a considerable walking distance from the ground (at least 30-40 minutes at a medium pace).

If you fancy the walk then trains from Manchester Piccadilly to Gatley are every 30 minutes. As you leave the station turn left, go straight ahead as you cross over the A34 and keep following the road (the A560) until you get to Cheadle village.

At the George & Dragon pub, bear right, go past the BP petrol station on your left and then turn right down Park Road which is just past the small park on your right. The ground is at the bottom of the road.

Not all Airport trains stop at Gatley. Please check when you are at Manchester Piccadilly.


Stockport - Cheadle - Wythenshawe - Altrincham

Stockport - Adswood - Cheadle Heath - Cheadle - Stockport

Both of these services run from Stockport Bus Station. If you wish to get the train and do not want to walk from Gatley station (see 'By Train' section) then an alternative route is to get the train to Stockport and catch one of the buses listed above.

The above 'Timetable' links take you to the TfGM website. Cheadle Town Football Club cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy in the information provided by TfGM.