Volunteers Needed for a Work Day at Park Road

There is a work day at Park Road Stadium on Sunday 18th October to finish off some jobs and we would like your help if you are free that morning. 

Starting at 10.00am we will require help with the following tasks:

  • clearing the car park of any stones (that could be used as missiles)
  • removal of the advertising boards from the pitch perimeter
  • disposal of said boards to the local recycling centre
  • the perimeter barrier made good where necessary
  • cutting back of grass from hard-standing area around the pitch

If you are able to attend then it would be great if you could bring the following tools with you:

  • wheelbarrows
  • rakes
  • shovels
  • edging tools
  • spades
  • screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • pincers
  • estate/crossover/4x4 cars (to transport boards)

Many, many thanks if you can offer your help.