The Start of a New Era for Cheadle Town FC

At (approximately) 12.00noon on Saturday 30th December 2017 the course of Cheadle Town FC's future was altered.

After months and months of negotiation, meetings et al, the deal was signed by all members of the committee that meant Cheadle Town Football Club became part of the Little Sports Group. 

Craig Brennan (far left) with members of the committee after signing the deal

Craig Brennan (far left) with members of the committee after signing the deal

Ex-Cheadle Town player Craig Brennan is the CEO & Chairman of The Little Sports Group and has built a range of sports companies including children’s sports coaching, further education, junior football clubs and sports recruitment to name a few.

The benefits for the club are manyfold.

Better facilities at Park Road, a robust infrastructure, the integration of the current junior teams currently operated by the Little Sports Group and the introduction of a full-time education programme for their U18 squad- thus providing children with a direct path to a football club within the league pyramid; these are just a taste of what the future holds for Cheadle Town.

The change of ownership hasn't been without its complications, though.

You may notice that long-standing chairman Chris Davies is absent from the above picture.

The decision to make the change was voted-in as a majority back in mid-December. As a result of that Chris decided to resign with immediate effect, a decision which has disappointed and baffled the committee.

The club has a new custodian and its future is secure, something we honestly could not have declared if things hadn't have changed.

Exciting times lie ahead. We look forward to working with Craig and his Little Sports Group and watching the club evolve.

Craig (far left) with our current management team

Craig (far left) with our current management team

Craig had the following to say:

“Cheadle Town is a club with a rich history, amazing staff & volunteers and so much potential. Today the hard work starts to take this club on the journey it deserves. After the performance today [3-0 win over Cammell Laird] I am confident we can have a strong finish to the season.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the committee, staff and volunteers for keeping the club going in a difficult few years, they have done an amazing job with very few resources! Now we move forward”