Pre-Season Finale at Park Road

The eagle-eyed among you won't have failed to notice that there have been a few changes of late.

Most noticeable has been the change in club crest. It incorporates elements of the old crest, namely the bull's head and also the two golden diamonds, representing the two golden wheatsheafs (a symbol of Cheshire).

We recently published a short video on all of our social media channels....

At the end of that video you'll notice a reference to the 28th July. This relates to the special pre-season finale that we are holding at Park Road that afternoon.

Full details can be seen on the graphics below.


Yes, you read that admission for all and plenty going on so why don't you come down to Park Road on the 28th for what should be a great afternoon heralding the first day of an exciting new future for your local football club.