Volunteers Needed at Park Road This Sunday

As you may know the 2015-16 season starts soon and there are still a handful of manual tasks that we needed to complete in time for its start.

We would have been on-course for completion in-time were it not for the unforeseen administrative duties that we had to deal with in light of the recent, extensive amount of damage that was done to the stadium.

To that end, we are asking a major favour from our local community and/or anybody else that would like to volunteer their services for a Step 6 football club.

If you can supply yourself (obviously) and come armed with the following items (if you have them at your disposal) then we would be eternally grateful:

  • lawn "strimmer" than runs on petrol
  • lawn mower - again, one that runs on petrol
  • a trailer for quick removal of debris
  • brushes
  • spades
  • anything else that you think would help in a general "clean-up" operation
Photo by mangostock/iStock / Getty Images

Come to Park Road Stadium at around 10.00am this Sunday 2nd August if you think that you can be of assistance.

Many, many thanks in advance if you can. This means a lot to us.