Chapel Town 0-5 Cheadle Town

Cheadle continued their preseason with a trip into the hills to Chapel en Frith for a picturesque setting for the early evening clash. Cheadle started the first half playing towards the hills while Chapel had the low sun to contend with. It was a nervy start from both sides as each tried to settle into the game.

Cheadle were the first to settle and never looked back the first goal of the match coming from Tongue from a free kick midway into the Chapel half. Cheadle started to get more organised and started to make in roads into the Chapel half.

Tongue charged down the right wing and crossed in a ball into the box which got collected by the out stretched defender and past the keeper into the the back of the net for an own goal. Another attack came and Rick Whyatt went into a challenge with the full back; Rick came out the winner and sprang to his feet but fired the shot over.

Chris Sherrington worked hard on the left wing and battled with two defenders with only the corner flag able to tackle him for a goal kick. Five minutes later Trucca had his shot easily saved by the relieved keeper. The next attempt on goal fell to Sherrington who this time beats the keeper to take Cheadle three goals clear.

The final attack of the half comes from a free kick from foul on Rick, but Tongue’s free kick gets headed off target. The ref then signalled half time to the relief of the Chapel keeper.

Second half started with Piggott in charge of the Cheadle goal. There was no sitting back for Cheadle and the attacks continued with first shot being saved for a corner. Chapel best chance can when they gained a free kick outside the area which Piggott tipped over the bar.

Sherrington continued to work the defenders and crossed in the ball just before the line which sailed invitingly across goal but couldn’t be collected by Cheadle.

Luke Hincks made changing on mass with four playing taking a well earned rest including captain Trucca.

Chapel must have thought their chance had come and forced a good save by Piggott. The following corner was punched out by Piggott who collected the header back.

The fourth Cheadle goal came from Tongue’s corner which Pearson headed in front in front of the defenders. Two minutes later Chapel blasted over in what but started to be desperation. Pearson clearly inspired from his goal fancied another and his shot had to be pushed round the post by the keeper outreached keeper. While the keeper got congratulations on a superb save the keeper signalled a goal kick.

James Horan wanting to impress took on the Chapel defence but his shot cleared the bar to the other Cheadle forwards dismay. Pearson won the ball in centre of the pitch and passed to Hinks who layed off to Horan who beat the keeper to make it five nil.

The last five minutes of the match didn’t give Chapel a rest with the keeper parrying Rick’s shot before collecting and the last attack was saved by the keeper.

Not the biggest challenge for Cheadle but a good run out with some good linking play and the goals should give them a boast.