AFC Blackpool 1-1 Cheadle Town

For once I don't have a smart-alec link or hook with which I can segue into the particulars of the match. This was a 1-1 draw between two football teams. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As largely uninspiring as the game itself and the result was, this does mean that we are now just one defeat in six league matches as we approach some tricky-looking fixtures ahead.

The first half of this match was spiced up by a few heart-in-mouth moments.

On the 5th minute Liam Tongue sliced a clearance with the resulting loose ball thumped towards goal; thankfully Steve Piggott was equal to it with an excellent stop.

Two minutes later a Luke Hincks throw-in from the right caused all manner of tangerine-shirted mayhem in the box but we couldn't force it home.

On the 18th minute Steve had to deal with a free-kick that had bounced awkwardly in front of him and then had to beat away a long-range effort just before half-time. And that was pretty much that for the opening 45 minutes.

In the opening 15 minutes of the second half we tried to throw the kitchen sink at AFC Blackpool with the ploy coming off as early as three minutes into the restart: Davison Banda got down the right wing and drilled in a skidding cross that the Blackpool keeper could only fumble into the path of Matt German who prodded home into an unguarded net.

Nathan Tosum then tested the keeper from close range moments later with Webb then driving in on the right, cutting inside and then testing the keeper's gloves himself.

Matt German was a matter of inches away from connecting with a Luke Hincks diagonal ball before Liam Tongue rattled the side-netting after getting himself into a good position.

The next goalmouth action wasn't until the 77th minute...and at the wrong end as far as we were concerned.

A thrown-in from the right was nodded on inside the box to an unmarked Aaron Fleming who had time to pick his spot and bury the ball low to Piggott's left.

In the final minute we almost snatched all three points as a through ball was chased by Mike Sherrington, popping loose for him to look set to stroke home into an empty net but he was denied right at the last.

And so onto top-of-the-table Whitchurch Alport next Saturday....

TEAM: Piggott, Banda, Pearson, German, Tongue, Shaw, Hincks, Todd, Tosum, Webb, Magida. SUBS: Russell, M Sherrington, Whyatt, Rigby (gk).