Whitchurch Alport 0-0 Cheadle Town

For a match that had two more goals, last week's encounter in Blackpool couldn't hold a candle to this action-packed thriller.

Come to think of it, candles - specifically more of them - might not have been a bad idea at Yockings Park over the weekend. One, to warm the toes of the 203 hardy souls that had turned up as temperatures plummeted well below that of what could be considered reasonable and two, to shed a bit more light on the pitch at times as the fog - coming and going as it pleased throughout the afternoon - posed a few problems.

Both sides came away from this scoreless for differing reasons.

Cheadle goalkeeper Dane Smith won't be receiving any Christmas cards from Whitchurch's forward line in a hurry.

As early as the 7th minute he was equal to a first-time shot from close-range, somehow tipping it over the bar with his heroics going one better within the final last five minutes of the match, beating away a penalty kick and then acrobatically getting his mitt to a free-kick in injury time.

Had that penalty gone in then it would have been incredibly harsh on us. Whitchurch had other half-chances on top of what Dane managed to keep out but we played our part in the match and in no way would have deserved to come away with nothing.

You could argue that our reason for being scoreless was pretty much our own fault as we squandered a host of chances.

On the 10th minute Liam Tongue sent Rhys Webb through on goal with the resulting effort being rolled wide of the post with Webb getting on the end of a Magida square ball ten minutes later only for him to stab the ball over the bar.

On 23 minutes Webb was through for the third time but his shot was excellently blocked by the legs of the Alport keeper.

Shortly after the restart Mike Sherrington looked set to score after working himself into a good position on the edge of the box but ended up firing over the bar with him then rifling a shot right across the face of goal - and inches wide of the post - just moments later.

Shortly before Dane's penalty save ensured that all the hard work wouldn't be in vain we had sent cross after cross into the Alport area, with either nobody there to convert or us cursing the fact that we didn't have any players nine-foot tall to get on the end of them.

Our last attempt on goal was courtesy of Rick Whyatt who shot just wide of the post on 89 minutes.

A somewhat disappointing point last week; an excellent point this week. Whichever way you look at it the league form is now just the one defeat in the last seven matches which, in anybody's eyes, is a step in the right direction....

TEAM: Smith, Todd, Banda, Wood (Whyatt), Tongue, Shaw (Flannery), Hincks, Russell (Tosum), M Sherrington, Webb, Magida. SUBS: Piggott (gk), Whyatt, Tosum, Flannery.